There’s not just one brand of paint I’m using. I am mainly using Old Holland and Winsor & Newton though. These are the brands you can buy everywhere in the Netherlands. I used to like Old Holland the most, but I’m starting to find it a little bit too stiff. It’s easier to paint with Winsor & Newton straight out of the tube without needing to add (much) medium.

I have so many colors of oil paint. Years ago I just wanted to have tubes of paint that were as close to the color I wanted as possible, so I didn’t need to make that many adjustments to the color to get it right. I even bought ‘flesh tone’ colors, which I find ridiculous now. Nowadays  I am just using the same colors every time (titanium white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, permanent alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ultramarine blue). Sometimes I do add a couple more (ivory black, cadmium orange, raw umber, viridian, magenta, kings blue). If for example I just want to do some glazing I pick up a few more transparent paints (oxide red, oxide brown, indian yellow).

I started to work on dibond panels, which is an aluminium composite. I believe it’s perfect to paint on. It’s light, strong and not sensitive to weather influences (like wood or linen is). I put an oilprimer on top of it (Winsor & Newton, although I have used the Gamblin oilprimer as well, I find the latter a bit hard to use). Before I put the oilprimer on, I sand the panel first and clean it with alcohol. For larger paintings I am still working on linen.

There’s not one medium I am constantly using. In the past I have used Liquin (Winsor & Newton) a lot and I do go back to this one again and again, but I also have periods that I am sticking to linseed oil and stand oil. I recently used Neomegilp (Gamblin) as a medium and I did like it, so I will probably use it more in the future.

To thin my medium down or for cleaning my brushes I am using Gamsol (Gamblin).

I am mainly using Rosemary & co. brushes. I especially like the Ivory brushes. They can hold a lot of paint like normal bristles and really hold their shape well. I also like the Master’s choice (they are very soft though, but sometimes they’re  nice for alla prima work). I like their Eclipse line as well (many of their brushes I haven’t tried yet, so I might discover some other gems later).

As a varnish I prefer a gloss varnish from Winsor & Newton. It always does the job right. If I want to put a varnish on my paintings sooner (just after a few months) I am using Gamvar from Gamblin.

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